1st Virtual Intensive Masterclass on Laparoscopic Surgical Anatomy for Abdomino-Pelvic Surgery with Online Cadaveric Dissection

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The International School of Surgical Anatomy has, since its foundation 10 years ago, pursued the education of pelvic surgeons through the surgical anatomy principles brought in theoretical lessons, Live-Surgery transmissions and Hands-On cadaveric dissections.

The goal of this Video-Course, the ISSA first-ever registered event with cadaveric dissection, is to bring to your screen a complete dictionary of the surgical anatomy needed for daily basic and advanced procedures.

This 6-hours lasting Course will begin with a session of keynote lectures by expert international faculty members, whose content will mostly be of surgical video clips and anatomic illustrations with practical tips exposed.

Afterwards will take place the core of the event with two keynote cadaveric dissection performed by Dr. Marcello Ceccaroni and Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar, exploring and illustrating all the anatomical structures previously highlighted during the theoretical part.

The access accorded at course subscription will allow the participant to gain access to the full video content for a one-month period. Furthermore, you will have at your disposal also an Online Platform where you will be able to exchange questions and answers with the tutors, experts in their field.

I hope you will enjoy this brand-new formula and join us online!
See you on the web from Tübingen,

Marcello Ceccaroni


Course Director: Marcello Ceccaroni

Faculty: F. Bruni, M. Ceccaroni, R. Clarizia, B. Hirt, S. Puntambekar, A. Puppo, G. Roviglione, S. Uccella


Registration deadline: December 31st, 2020

Registration fee: € 500,00 + 22% VAT (Total amount: € 610,00)

Including theoretical lessons, one hour keynote cadaveric dissection, certificate of attendance.
Once payed the course inscription, it will not be able to request any money refund in case of cancellation by the participant.

How to register:

1) Buy this course online by clicking on “Buy this course” button on this website


2) International bank transfer to:
International School of Surgical Anatomy
IBAN: IT 68 Z 02008 59600 000100910560
Unicredit S.P.A.
Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 5, 37024 Negrar di Valpolicella (Italy)
Subject: “SURNAME, NAME, Online Course 2020, Course Registration”

Send the transfer receipt to the following email address: issaschool@gmail.com

Caratteristiche del corso

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  • Welcome and opening of the Course 1

    • Conferenza1.1
      Welcome, opening Course and ISSA School presentation – Course Director: Marcello Ceccaroni, MD, PhD.
      10 min
  • Lectures and Keynotes Lectures 8

    • Conferenza2.1
      Abdominal wall and retroperitoneal anatomy of the female pelvis: what we need to know for safe gynecological surgery – S. Uccella
      23 min
    • Conferenza2.2
      Laparoscopic surgical anatomy of pelvic lymphadenectomy – A. Puppo
      20 min
    • Conferenza2.3
      Laparoscopic surgical anatomy of para-aortic lymphadenectomy – G. Roviglione
      23 min
    • Conferenza2.4
      Laparoscopic surgical anatomy and different strategies of laparoscopic extra-fascial hysterectomy – F. Bruni
      27 min
    • Conferenza2.5
      Laparoscopic surgical anatomy of parametrial surgery: from radical hysterectomy to uterine transplant – S. Puntambekar
      25 min
    • Conferenza2.6
      Laparoscopic surgical neuroanatomy of visceral and somatic system of the female pelvis for nerve-sparing surgery – M. Ceccaroni
      01 ora 11 min
    • Conferenza2.7
      Surgical anatomy of the anterior compartment for gynecological procedures (bladder, ureter, anterior parametrium) – R. Clarizia – D. Mautone
      30 min
    • Conferenza2.8
      Surgical anatomy of the posterior compartment for gynecological procedures (Recto-sigmoid, Douglas pouch, recto-vaginal septum, utero-sacral ligaments, posterior broad ligaments): anatomical considerations before and during surgery – R. Clarizia
      34 min
  • When death helps life: Keynote Cadaveric Dissections 2

    Surgical anatomy of the female pelvis: retroperitoneal spaces and structures, parametrial ligaments, visceral and somatic nerves

    • Conferenza3.1
      Keynote dissection – S. Puntambekar
      33 min
    • Conferenza3.2
      Keynote dissection – M. Ceccaroni
      01 ora