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The web pages published on the herein website are the exclusive property of the above Association.

The website aims at informing users about courses organized by the School, to train professionals such as physicians interested in the disciplines taught by the School.

Said courses, where specified, entitle to receive academic credits. The website allows to register to classroom training courses and to download website videos from the”download” area in the personal profile page of the user. The website utilization automatically implies the acceptance of the herein terms of use. Therefore, user is required to read it. However, access to website and any request for information, or other notifications sent through the contact details indicated in the “contacts” section, do not constitute, for the user, any obligation to subsequently use the services provided.



In order to properly have access to the website and to correctly consult it, user must have a system compliant with the IT system employed by the School.

Internet access – necessary for the use of the website – and all related charges and costs, including connection costs, are borne by the user.

In no case the ISSA School will be held responsible for any damage to the IT systems arising from linking to the website, or from linking to other sites, even in the event of computer viruses or other related causes or otherwise connected to the use of internet.



In order to acquire and use the services provided by the website, it is not mandatory to create an account on it.

By fulfilling the procedures for the subscription and use of materials, Customer undertakes to follow the instructions indicated on the website and to correctly and truthfully provide its personal data. The registration procedure to the courses can be finalized only via internet.

The profile activation is immediate. It is possible to acquire an event (course) up to the day before and – in any case – access is subject to availability.

Customer undertakes to promptly inform of any change of personal data or to modify such data by accessing on his own personal profile on the website (Account). In case where customer will notify incorrect or incomplete data, Issa School will be entitled not to activate and / or suspend the service until the customer will have remedied said deficiencies.

Issa School reserves such right even in case of disputes arising from the relvant bodies with reference to subscriptions and payment of the fees by the users. When registering on the website, customer will be provided with a User ID (email address entered by customer during registration) and a Password. Customer acknowledges that such User Id and Password are the only means for his identification when accessing to the services. Therefore, customer agrees that all the actions performed by using said user id and password will be attributed to him and will have binding effect on him. Customer acknowledges that he is the sole and exclusive responsible for the activities carried out through his own user id and password and he undertakes to keep them secret and safe and not to trasmit them – even temporarily – to third parties.



User must give guarantees of being of age.

User can request for information on the initiatives by filling the appropriate forms or using the phone numbers provided in the contact section. The necessary connection and the phone call costs will be – in any case – entirely borne by the user according to the fee plan applied by the landline or mobile phone operator selected by the user.

When employing the website e-mail forms, the online user is responisble for providing truthful, correct, verifiable and updated personal data.



Reimbursement for services paid, as well as the terms and conditions for reimbursement of fees, may

change according to each service. Such sums are collected as fee and reimbursement for materials and content used on the website. However, the information will be brought to the attention of the customer by e-mail to the address indicated by customer when sending the request. Customer, when paying said services, has the right to choose among the several payment methods authorized by Issa School (Bank Transfer, Paypal and Credit Card).

Customer guarantees from now on the availability of such sums which are necessary to make the required payments. Subsequently, Issa School – where necessary within the terms of the law – will send an appropriate invoice to the e-mail address indicated during registration.

All tax charges arising from the use of the services by the customer will be the exclusive responsibility

of the latter.



Since through the website it is possible to subscribe only for attending classroom courses at the premises indicated by Issa School, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised.

In case where the user will decide not to attend a course / event purchased, Issa School reserves the right to provide the user with a voucher for the value equal to the service purchased.



The right of cancellation from the website can be exercised at any time by sending notice to Issa School from the “contacts” page.



User will use the website as provided and available at the moment of connection and sees its content. The information included within the website does not guarantee the updating and / or the absence of errors, inaccuracies and omissions. Issa School, therefore, although checking – bona fide – the accuracy and truthfulness of the data therein included, disclaims any responsibility for any direct or indirect damages that may arise from possible errors or inaccuracies of such data, or from their failed update.

Except for what has been contractually and individually defined in relation to obligations specifically taken, Issa School – as creator and / or administrator of the website – reserves the right to carry out any necessary modification and / or integration and / or cancellation to its content – at any time, without any form of notice and without any obligation to indemnify and in its sole discretion.

Except for what has been contractually and individually defined in relation to obligations specifically taken – Issa School – as creator and / or administrator of the website – reserves the right to close the  website itself at any time, without any form of notice and without any obligation to indemnify and in its sole discretion.

Issa School reserves the right – discretionarily and without notice – to deny access to its websites to users who generate a high number of daily database accesses, to those who have access through anonymized procedures, and to those who use inappropriate techniques in order to use the services provided.

Nonetheless, in the event of illicit access and / or registration to the herein website – we refer to all those methods aimed at fraudulently circumventing regular use of the website (e.g. anonymised so-called recordings, falsification of IP addresses – ip spoofing – etc.), or in the event of illicit use of the services provided, Issa School also reserves the right to appeal the relevant judicial authorities, and to request for compensation for the damages suffered.

Therefore, customer acknowledges that he is the sole and exclusive responsible for the activities carried out through the service which are directly or indirectly related to him and, in particular, he acknowledges to be responsible for content and information entered, published, spread and sent on or through the services. Therefore, Issa School cannot be held liable in any way for penal, civil and administrative offenses committed by the customer through the service. Customer undertakes to indemnify and, however, to keep Issa School harmless from any action, request, claim, cost or expense, including the reasonable legal expenses, that the association may incurr. Said damages may be due to the customer non fulfilment of the obligations undertaken and to the guarantees given with the acceptance of herein general conditions of service and – in any case – connected to the use of the services made by the customer.



The herein contract is ruled by the Italian legislation. For any controversy relating to the herein contract or its execution, the relevant Court is Verona.