President: Luca Garriboli

Faculty: Antonello Michele, Chisci Emiliano, Civilini Efrem, Maritati Gabriele, Matharu Nicholas, Parlani Gianbattista e Troisi Nicola.

Presentation Vasa School:

Vascular Surgery in a few years extremely changed. Those who have been lucky to learn a lot of open surgical techniques can overtake the difficulties that the endovascular techniques are not able to solve.
However, the same knowledges are tought to be teached to young vascular surgeons for the large use of the endovascular approach in every vascular field.
This is the reason why, four years ago, we started an anatomical vascular course on fresh cadavers, being the first European course in its category (The first Editions of the “COMPREHENSIVE ADVANCED COURSE ON VASCULAR SURGICAL ANATOMY AND SURGICAL TECHNIQUES“have already been held in 2014).
Our courses consist in theoretical lessons in surgical anatomy, video sessions and advanced cadaveric dissection, which is going to be held directly by the participant, under the supervision of the tutor.
The course aims to improve the knowledge of the anatomical access to the thoracic and abdominal aorta and its branches including anatomic laparotomic and laparoscopic dissections and practice with ancillary endovascular techniques on fresh cadavers, with the contribution of experts in the field of Vascular Surgery.
Unitl now, more than 100 vascular surgeons have had the possibility to take part in our courses.
Following the success of our Courses we decided to found the VASA school (Vascular Surgical Anatomical School) as part of ISSA school, for starting a new way of teaching that combines both surgical and endovascular techniques by using fresh cadaver models.
Dott. Luca Garriboli
Founder and President of VASA School.


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